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Safety and security

We carry out a rigorous standardisation and continuous evaluation of our suppliers who provide us with safe and high quality raw materials. We produce safe products, carrying out exhaustive and routine controls at all stages of production. The quality of our products is one of our hallmarks.


Eco-design of auxiliary packaging materials. In order to market a new product, we select the most suitable packaging for the product, trying to reduce the weight/volume of the product as much as possible, opting for materials with less environmental impact and more optimal production processes.


External certifying companies such as International Food Standard (IFS Food), BRCGS Food Safety and Halal Food and Quality standardise our production processes, thus obtaining products with the maximum guarantees of health and nutrition.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In the production process, we use ecological materials, selecting only suppliers who use an environmentally friendly system. In addition, we have streamlined production and implemented a waste management system.

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