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Spain, Europe, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, USA, Iceland, are among the countries that make up our natural habitat where, on a daily basis, we endeavour to find the best options to provide commercial alternatives for our customers.


We sell our products both fresh and frozen. We develop a wide range of formats according to the needs of our customers.


Due to constant innovation and improved performance, we are able to meet our customers' requirements and adapt to new market trends. Our team is continuously studying new products and possibilities to offer a more versatile and complete range.

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We have a diversity of beef products from the world's largest producers. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain are the countries with which we work daily. A wide selection of premium national beef from the most valued regions.


Most of the pork we sell is a national product, thanks to the direct relationship we have with the most outstanding slaughterhouses on the peninsula. The close relationship we have with our suppliers, and our great purchasing power, allow us to be more competitive and offer a wide range of products.


We work with countries with the highest production of poultry, selecting the highest quality products to offer a first line product that, in turn, continues to provide the competitive edge for our customers. In addition, we work on a regular basis with national producers, who supply us with fresh produce on a daily basis.


Being in direct contact with national sheep and lamb breeders, we control and guarantee the excellence of our products. Carnes Félix was the first Spanish company to import lamb from New Zealand. We exclusively offer lamb and sheep from Iceland, one of the purest regions on the planet.


We offer gourmet products such as duck confit, mi-cuit, roti, etc. Under our brand La Brascada, we offer our gourmet 100% beef burgers from different breeds. In addition, we have our own range of roasted products.

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