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Carnes Félix has a wide network of national and international suppliers who provide us with the raw materials necessary for each of our production processes.


We produce quality and safe products for the consumer by means of a rigorous control of the entire food chain, from the production of raw materials to the production processes.


Our SAE, IFS Food, BRCGS Food Safety and Halal Food & Quality certifications guarantee that we are a good global partner. Thanks to our privileged location, close to the port of Valencia, and being an AEO, we provide each client, anywhere in the world, with the ideal solution for their business.

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We have a diversity of beef products from the world's largest producers. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain are the countries with which we work daily.

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Most of this is a national product, thanks to the direct relationship that we maintain with the most outstanding slaughterhouses of the peninsula.

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We look for the countries with the highest production and quality to offer a first line product that, in turn, continues to give a competitive edge to our customers. Most of the fowl imported come from Brazil and Argentina.

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Over 40 years of dedication to the meat industry, focused on a single objective: our quality.

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We invest in the constant renewal of our equipment and facilities, and we are at the forefront of the most advanced technologies.

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Thanks to our facilities and machinery, we are able to satisfy any of our customers' requirements.

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We constantly study new market trends to create new food solutions for our customers.

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